2018 will rule

Pants == Pooped

This website tells the story of a little farm boi, who only wanted to play pokemon go but didn't have a phone

2018 is this boy's year. He's gonna skip over the phone and go right to VR.

This is the story of Faxinbergin the dirtty, the farm boi who is behind the times.

Faxinbergin is actually one of eight children all named Faxinbergin. Their mom, BIG BEV tells them apart by putting their favorite treat in their pockets and on their eyes.

Faxinbergin controls the weather and makes it rain ravioli. BIG BEV is the only one who knows about Ravioli Faxinbergen's milk mishap.

Faxinbergin is a demi god and his father is the the god of rav. Faxinbergen solved a rubix cube in the dark, but since he shit his pants he never told anyone.

Faxinberger got a perfect score on his SAT, but since he shit his pants he never told anyone.

Faxinbergen inspired the hyperloop, Elon Musk noticed that Faxinbergen shit his pants and got the idea for a pressurized train.

Faxinbergen doesn't fear anything anymore. It's what happens when you've shit your pants more times than you can count.

Faxinbergin was born on june 19th, and moments aftwards he shit his pants. his father is the god of rav and his mother died after giving birth.

Flaxinbergin is solely responsible for the global weather phenomenon that will soon be known as "GLOBAL BROWNING".

After being abandoned by his father da little boi found a farm town and then split in to 7 other verstions of him self all named Faxinbergin.

Then at the age of nine he stapled rav to his eye's. Faxinbergin is now god of all rav lovers and will send us to the promise land of ravlandia.

That went down in 2017... 2018 will be better for Ravioli Faxinbergen.

This was quite the RAV-IT hole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!